Lucia Giri was born in Slovakia and in 2011 she stepped for the first time to the world of colors, fragrances, music and tastes, to India, that became her new home. After long years of expressing herself through the art of belly dance, she felt in love with all the creative works that photography desires. Long before capturing the image, Lucia enters into a process of creation, making her own props and researching about the use of symbols and colors in different cultures.

Lucia is an artist in her heart and creatively looks through the world. She loves to use the old unwanted objects, turn them into beauty and repurpose them. Her photos have their own stories and give the viewer space to read them through their own experiences.

Lucia loves to create controversial images full of symbolism or surrealistic worlds and believes that the discomfort that she creates in viewers opens the path for new communication, unlocks the mind and allows the growth.

Her photography is built on the themes of existence, birth, reincarnation, black and white magic, beauty in the darkness and rawness of our being. She believes that crossing the old boundaries is essential for creating a beautiful personal image and healing of the soul.




Bc. in English language and literature and aesthetics, University of Presov, Faculty of Art, Slovakia



April / May – Solo Exhibition, Caraffa Prison Gallery, Presov, Slovakia


November – Group Exhibition, Mannequins and Puppets, curated by LoosenArt, Rome, Italy
September – Group Exhibition, The Game, Rome, Italy
September – Group Exhibition, State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad, India



July – Magazine Feature, Get Inspired Magazine


October – Magazine Feature, Stubborn Magazine, The Halloween Issue 33