This new body of work – Within My Indian World – was created especially for Indian Photography Festival 2019 and will be exhibited in State Gallery of Art in Hyderabad.

In this project I strip my soul to it’s rawness and reveal both the positive and negative side of my life in India.

The monochromatic nature of photographs symbolises my inner thoughts and is intended to allow the viewer to perceive the main idea without getting lost in the colours that India emanates.

In this series I explored themes of my own growth as well as burdens of my life as a woman coming from different culture, different world.

I wanted to make this series as real as possible and in order to minimize the use of photo manipulation I handmade all the props and gave them voice through their symbolic meaning.

This body of work reference specific moments of realization in my life outside of my own known world.

Working on the series allowed me to explore my soul, to heal myself and to let the renewal inevitably begin.

You can get the print in following sizes:

• 10″ x 10″ edition of 15
• 20″ x 20″ edition of 10